PostgreSQL for Phorum 5.2.5

Here you will find three things:

About this patch

The patch is quite untested. Use at your own risk. But then, you should be assuming the risk for everything you do.

To use this patch:

  1. download the Phorum 5.2.5 tarball from
  2. unpack that tarball
  3. download the patch (see link at top of page)
  4. issue this command from the top level phorum directory: tar xvzf ~/phorum-5.2.5-postgresql-patch.tgz (adjust the path to the patch file to reflect where you put it)
  5. adjust include/db/config.php to reflect your database name etc. Set type to 'postgresql'

I've been created my test database with this:

createdb phorum -O phorum


Any questions should asked this in this Phorum thread.


Dan Langille home page

Those jokers on the #phorum channel.

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